How to install Starfield Mods

How to install Starfield Mods

At first glance, setting up Starfield Mods might appear to be an overwhelming endeavor. However, in truth, even a child can easily grasp the installation process. Our primary objective when crafting mods is to ensure user-friendliness. The mods available on our website are meticulously designed, yet incredibly simple to use. Instructions for installing Starfield Mods can be found not only on our website but also bundled with the zip file for added convenience.


Step 1: Extract the Data folder into your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder

Step 2: If you haven’t already, add these lines to a StarfieldCustom.ini file in Documents\My Games\Starfield


– Also read instructions on every single mod –

This seamless experience is a result of careful planning and technological advancements. Our cutting-edge software streamlines the process, allowing us to handle complex codes and repetitive testing while you can effortlessly download and execute the file on your computer. The provided guidelines are straightforward and easy to follow. The once daunting question of how to install Starfield mods has been transformed into a mere click-to-play process!

If you’re feeling particularly lethargic and prefer not to read instructions, simply search for “how to install Starfield mods” and hit enter. Numerous videos will guide you step by step through the entire installation procedure. Don’t forget to specify the mod type you wish to install. Additionally, we encourage gamers to monitor our website’s chat rooms and comment sections. Any new Starfield content or updates will be discussed in these forums. We welcome input from random users, who can suggest changes to the mods or notify our development teams about any bugs encountered during the modding process.

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