Cosmic Carnage (Super.Gross.Blood-Textures)

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Cosmic Carnage (Super.Gross.Blood-Textures)

So assuming you’re here because you want more of a bloody mess when the bullets are flying around in StarField? Why? That’s Gross.

Anyways – here is collection of replacer textures that do just that. I’ve also included some tweaks and game settings to make decals stay longer, and environment decals (floor, walls, your mom) to look BIGGER.

I’ve tweaked the various mysterious game settings and INI settings the best way I can through trial and error, and have gotten to a pretty good spot that works for me – if you prefer other settings experiment with the various numbers in the settings detailed below.
So far this mod replaces:

-Blood decal hits on actor models
-Blood decals on the floor/walls/your mom
-I’ve tried my best to make the decals seamless and blend together well, so you end up with big pools instead of a bunch of poka dots
-Decals on player models have some neato alpha-blending to make parts of the surface around the bullet hole appear to be ripped or standing up from the impact – the result is different looking holes (hehe) according to whatever it is hitting.

Will add more decals and features as I figure them out and the CK is released

TBD-Pooling Blood
TBD-Ammo Specific Decals
TBD-More drippy stuff
TBD-Zero G floating blood (gross)
TBD-Facegen face blood decals (not just crowd an enemies)

Let me know if you guys have any ideas or feedback! I’ll probably try incorporating good ideas, or working with other modders.

**You may need to open the console and enter the following if loading a saved game**

bat CosmicCarnage

<- hit enter -> (you should see the console commands execute)

Installation Instructions – Cosmic Carnage (Super.Gross.Blood-Textures)
1. **Extract the Mod Files:**
– Unzip or extract the mod files from the downloaded archive to a location on your computer.

2. **Locate Your Starfield Core Installation Folder: (for steam – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield)**
– Copy “CosmicCarnage.txt” (this is the batch file with console commands)
– Paste “CosmicCarnage.txt” into the above root installation folder (not in Data, same place as Starfield.exe)

3. **Locate Your Starfield Documents Folder:**

C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\Starfield

4. **Copy the “Data” Folder:**

– Paste the copied “Data” folder into your Starfield My Documents directory (the location you found in step 3, not your root folder).

6. **Edit the StarfieldCustom.ini File:**

– In the same Starfield directory (`C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\Starfield`), locate a file named “StarfieldCustom.ini.”

– Add the following line under the `[General]` section:

followed by “=” then “bat CosmicCarnage”
(strips out the full command)

(or if using other mods bat files – sStartingCjavascript-event-strippedbat CosmiCarnage;bat OtherMod)
(or combine the contents of CosmicCarnage.txt with whatever other bat files you are using, I’m using one called masterbatter.txt)

– Add the following lines under the `[Archive]` section:


– Add the following line under the `[Display]` section:


– Add the following lines under the `[Decals]` section:

bAllowDecalsOn”Alpha=1″ (delete the quotes here if copy pasting nexus is auto-formatting it out.

7. **Note if decals aren’t staying, try pasting the following parts into your corresponding quality setting .ini in your root folder under (example: Ultra.ini, Medium.ini ect.)**


– If doing the above, also add this line to your [Quality] section in your StarfieldPrefs.ini (located in your My Documents Directory)


– for the above reference your corresponding quality settings .ini file that you use in game to know which number to enter (I’m using 3)


8. **You may need to open the console and enter the following if loading a saved game**

bat CosmicCarnage

<- hit enter -> (you should see the console commands execute)

Now everyone should be all super bloody and stuff,

Author: Magus
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