New Outpost Resources – 375 NEW ITEMS

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New Outpost Resources – 375 NEW ITEMS

Allows you to spawn and create hundreds of static items that are seen throughout the game from NPC outposts.

It’s still possibly six or more months away before the Creation Kit will be released. The biggest thing I’ve looked forward towards is the ability to have more options when it comes to outpost building as I felt the vanilla options that were given to us were very limited. Not wanting to wait another six months, with the help of SKK’s Console Utility Script, I decided to obtain a HUGE amount of static ID’s for the various outpost objects that you can see when you stumble upon a random outpost on planets that can be spawned with console commands.

The focus here is mainly exterior stuff. There is exactly 375 batch files of different objects that you can spawn; solar panels, silos, crates, caution cones, stair ways, walk ways, ramps, floors, pillars, foundations of varying types, greebles, pipes, pipe foundations and holders, scaffolding, landing pads, new lights and lamps, vehicles, a CANON, cranes, radars, antennas, clutter and junk, doors, huts, an alarm, wall panels, power generators, fences, gates, rails, barricades, and even some buildings (both exterior and interior). Most of these items are merely for decoration purposes only, and do not serve any use besides strictly cosmetic reasons. Many items in game use multiple objects, so it’s very difficult and time consuming to get every single thing. For the most part, the objects are stuff that are single static objects with the exception of some modular buildings, stairs, rails, etc. Unfortunately, I do not know how to change the color of lights, the texture of buildings spawned.. NPC outposts will for example have pipes that are red, green, blue, etc.. but when you spawn the pipes they will always spawn gray.. And lights always stay white. I have no clue how to fix this. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You can finally build fences to keep those pesky alien animals out of your outposts!

Unfortunately, due to the simple fact I am lazy, I am not going to list every single item from each batch file. You will just have to experiment and find stuff on your own. But for the most part, the .txt files are named according to what the object is. It’s self explanatory.

Simply place all .txt files in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield directory or wherever your game is installed, open the console command with “~” and simply type bat “nameoftxtfile” without quotes. The object should spawn where your cursor is pointing. Please read THIS…

Although it isn’t a mandatory requirement, I HIGHLY recommend downloading the following mod and getting it setup and working properly before attempting to do anything with this, it’ll make your life a thousand times easier:

Fast House and Ship Builder

Otherwise, you will have to type in console commands on your own. For building things like walk ways, stairs, rails, and also the building pieces (they use multiple pieces), this mod will come in handy due to it’s precise snapping and rotation functionalities, and the fact you can move an object to the position of another object. Also the fact it highlights your selected object in RED. I can’t stress enough that downloading that mod will save you hours of headaches. But by all means, if you want to do it manually, be my guest.

If you spawn an object and wish to delete it, simply select it and type “disable”. Read the instructions carefully on how to install that mod properly! I will not help anyone get it working.

Questions and Answers:
Q: What does the mod do?
A: It adds 375 static items that you can spawn for your outposts to make them look more like the outposts you find scattered around planets occupied by NPC’s. TONS of cool stuff!

Q: Will you add more stuff to spawn in the near future?
A: Definitely. Stay tuned for future updates!

Q: Do you need help finding base ID’s for objects?
A: Yes, that would be a great help! Provided you aren’t a n00b and know what you’re doing, if you can find the base ID’s with SKK’s Console Utility Script and contribute, it would be greatly appreciated.

Q: Does this mod add stuff to build in the outpost build mode?
A: Obviously not. You are spawning items, not actually building stuff. We will not be able to do this until the Creation Kit is released, but this is the next best idea for now for building cool bases like the NPC’s have.

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