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All Cockpits Have Nav Consoles

I prefer to avoid using the data menu to do things I could otherwise do from within the game, so I added navigation consoles to every cockpit in an effort to maintain immersion and decrease the amount of times I need to open the data menu. If the nav panels don’t immediately show up after installation, refresh your ship’s interior by changing something in the ship builder and that should fix the problem.

ESM file made using xEdit 4.1.5.

Navigation Console Locations
– Nova Galactic Magellan C1 Series: On the starboard side, to the left of the cargo panel, above the captain’s locker.
– Nova Galactic Magellan C2 Series: On the port wall, above the cargo panel; the topmost panel in the stack.
– Nova Galactic Cabot C3/C4 Series: On the port side aft wall, between the captain’s locker and the cargo panel.
– Deimos Phobos Series: On the port wall, to the left of the cargo panel.
– Stroud-Eklund Kon-Tiki 300/400 Series: On the aft wall, between the captain’s locker and the armillary screen.
– Stroud-Eklund Kon-Tiki 500/600 Series: On the aft wall, in the corner; the closest terminal to the port side.
– Stroud-Eklund Viking Series: On the starboard wall, to the left of the armillary screen and the cargo panel.
– Taiyo Astroneering Samurai/Damyo/Shogun/Himeji Series: In the port side floor console, just in front of the pilot seat; the blue panel at the upper left.
– HopeTech Armstrong/Commander Series: On the port side aft wall, behind the jump seat and to the right of the armillary screen.
– HopeTech Overseer Series: On the aft wall, to the left of the captain’s locker.
– Starborn Guardian Series: On the port wall in the central chamber, just down the steps from the pilot seat.

Simply install with your mod manager of choice.
Seriously, please use a mod manager for esm plugins!! (I don’t know how to install esm plugins properly otherwise, and mod managers make it so easy anyway)

Developed in conjunction with All Cockpits Have Decoration Panels and is fully compatible.

I’m new to creating mods, so I’d love to hear your comments, feedback, or advice!!
If you need assistance, I can try to help despite my limited, developing understanding of modding.
I have so many ideas for Starfield and am super excited to learn how to make them all!

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