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Better Betty Bounty Babe

Betty Howser is (imo) the best companion. No affinity to be concerned with on missions. Has hilarious dialog. Is a badass bounty hunter. Blows things up really well. Doesn’t get in the way like Vasco. The only problem is they made Betty an old ugly lady that doesn’t exactly fit in the battlefield. This mod fixes all that!

*Spoiler Alert* (although you are on a mod site, so meh) If you do not have Betty Howser companion yet she can be found in Heinlein > Heinlein II on her busted up ship. Board her ship, have a chat, and she’ll offer to join your crew.*

For a total install the way I have it you’ll need to use console commands. If you care about achievements then you’ll want an Achievement Enabler like Baka ( before doing any console commands. Also If you’re on a platform that cannot do all of this you’ll need to find a workaround or leave some of the Better Betty options out.

To get this mod completely working here are the steps…

====INSTALL (in any order)===
==#1 Change Betty’s Face Texture and Voice ==
Download the mod file and install manually into your Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data directory -OR- Let your mod manager handle it.

This will change Betty’s face texture to a goth’ish type (more to come) and her voice to a younger sounding woman (kind of like Selena Gomez ;). Much more fitting than the granny voice and texture she comes with, but still a little raspy and sultry. The goth look is from . You can also use or make any texture you want for her face, just modify or replace the texture in the mod directory. All these files are included in the mod.

==#2 Change Betty’s Face Structure==
Now that Betty has new textures and voice she needs the face to go with it, and until the Creation Kit is released this is the easiest way…

(1)(Optional) backup your characters face/body to a minor NPC that doesn’t walk away or disappear. I use the vender in Outland on New Atlantis. To do this stand by the backup NPC and go into the console (~). Select the NPC so their reference is showing (usually looks like “NPC_nameRef (XXXXXXX). Then type “capp 14” while targeting NPC to transfer your character to it.

(2)In the console mode Type “slm 14” to change your characters appearance that you will transfer to Betty. I used most of Viper’s amazing preset at… at . save.

(3)In the console target Betty (or scroll until you see “NPC_ ‘bettyhowserRef’ (XXXXXXXX). Then type “capp 14” to paste your characters appearance onto Betty.

(5)Type “slm 14″” again to remake your face for your own character -OR- if you backed up your original face on a minor NPC, get the NPC ref ID in the console like before, then use third person view, target your own character while in console mode, then enter “capp [minor NPC ref ID]”. Something like “capp XXXXXXX” and you’ll be back to your old self and Betty will have Benjamin Buttons.

** Sometimes you have to restart game for effects to set in.

==#3 Clothes, Armor, and Weapons==
Apparel: If you want the same outfit I have on Betty this is the link…

Armor: An awesome armor option to help with the bounty hunter vibe…

Weapons: Betty is best with an explosive type due to her Demolition trait. Give Betty something like a Negotiator (with Ammo), equip a grenade, and then watch her symphony of destruction. It’s really fun to sit back and watch her blow the hell out of everything while yelling all sorts of funny agro sayings.

Author: Bzar
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