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id Software: Starfield Just Makes Sense

The deadline for Bethesda’s latest open-world game, Starfield, is approaching, and fans eagerly await updates on its progress. This forthcoming game will be an RPG, incorporating elements similar to the developer’s successful franchises, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Longtime Bethesda enthusiasts will appreciate the familiar open exploration, resource management, multiple quest lines, and even lock picking in the game. However, Starfield distinguishes itself from its predecessors in terms of combat, as demonstrated in last year’s gameplay trailer, and recent rumors indicate that this might be due to collaboration with another developer within ZeniMax Media: id Software.

The official gameplay trailer for Starfield revealed the game’s combat system, and fans quickly observed that it was more fast-paced and dynamic than prior Bethesda titles. The trailer featured the player sliding into cover and swiftly tossing a grenade, as well as using a jetpack to snipe enemies midair – actions typically not possible in games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim. Dynamic movement and gunplay are id Software’s specialties, so it comes as no surprise to fans that the company may be contributing to Starfield’s development.

id Software is the Right Choice to Help Out With Starfield’s Combat

id Software is an ideal partner for Bethesda to refine Starfield’s combat, given its extensive expertise in some of the top FPS games. The company gained prominence as one of the first-person shooter genre’s trailblazers with Wolfenstein 3D. In 1993, it also developed Doom, further popularizing the genre. Throughout the 90s, id Software remained at the forefront of FPS game development and eventually ventured into multiplayer shooters with Quake.

Quake introduced rapid shooting and movement mechanics, allowing players to swiftly navigate through cover while firing. These mechanics have also influenced other games, including subsequent Doom and Wolfenstein titles. Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal (2020) garnered multiple nominations from The Game Awards for their smooth gunplay and movement, enabling players to stylishly eliminate hordes of enemy demons. This success can be attributed to id Software’s innovations over the years. However, whether the company is actually involved in Starfield remains uncertain, as the sole source of this information is a rumor posted on 4Chan. But if the rumors prove accurate, Bethesda’s venture into interstellar battles is in capable hands.

Starfield Wouldn’t be id Software’s First Rodeo With Bethesda

Players observed that the combat in Fallout 4 was a marked improvement over its predecessor, largely due to collaboration between id Software and Bethesda. In a video titled “Fallout 4 – Player Freedom in an Open World,” Game Director Todd Howard explained that Fallout 4 feels like a modern FPS game because Bethesda reconstructed the shooting mechanics from the ground up, with assistance from its sister company, id Software. According to Howard, the outcome was smooth and responsive gunplay, whether the player opted for a first-person or third-person perspective.

id Software appears to have mastered single-player first-person shooter gameplay, demonstrated by its highly successful titles, and shows no signs of slowing down in terms of innovation, with significant enhancements to its games from one sequel to another. Being under the ZeniMax umbrella also facilitates easy collaboration with renowned developers within the company, such as Bethesda. Based on the gameplay footage, Starfield’s combat seems to bear id Software’s signature touch. The recent Starfield leaks only serve to intensify the excitement, and at this stage, it would be more surprising if the company didn’t contribute to the game’s development.

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