Royal Galaxy – A Compatible Starfield Revamp – Series One

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Royal Galaxy – A Compatible Starfield Revamp – Series One

The Settled Systems now offer a reasonable challenge. Terrormorphs and Ashta are a major threat. Starborn foes use more magic. Enemy spawns are increased for both land and space.

More diverse encounters and Points of Interest. Improved weather and climates. Includes 40+ bundled mods into one package. *RoyalGalaxy.esm

40+ mods and fixes. One Plugin.
(If you count all the tiny QOL stuff, 50+ mods lol)

Compatible Mods you should load before Royal Galaxy:
Starfield Community Patch
Skill Fixes
Player Level Scaling
Item Sorter
AI & Aggressive Enemy Mods (PEAK Casual Accuracy Suggested)
Leveled List Mods (none needed, but load before if you have them)
Mods that add new faction
NPC Height Variation
2x-5x Enemies
Reduced Gas Vents
Concept Art Akila

Compatible Mods you should load after Royal Galaxy:
[Upcoming Feature: Royal Galaxy Difficulty Configurators]
All Perk Overhauls
Craftable Quality (Some are reporting a patch might be needed. Let me know)
Mods that Reduce the # of Human Settlements or Habitation Conditions
Survival/Hazard Mods
Any other mods by me, including standalone versions of the bundled mods.
Royal Aliens Difficulty Customizers
Body or Headshot damage mods
Royal Encounters
Royal Rare Loot
Starship Combat Overhauls
Faster Starship Engines Strongly Suggested
Royal Weathers – Concept Art Akila Enhancer
Royal Item Sorter Patch
Enhanced Blood Textures
Better Death Physics – No Collision

For most other mods, load order should not matter, so just load them after this.

Installing on Existing Playthroughs:
During an existing play through, adding a new mod later is safer than earlier as it will have less disruption on the existing load order of your plugins. Some plugins are sensitive to being moved and can cause bugs. If your mod list is already huge, it is probably safer to try adding my mods one by one.

There is nothing specifically here that shouldn’t work on an existing modded save, and plenty of beta testers have done so with no issue. But it is a large mod, and you run into a larger risk of incompatibilities. Please report any issues under bugs. I will attempt to create patches, or at least learn which mods are incompatibility to display a warning.

If you really want to ensure a load order is perfect or need other support, I prefer to answer questions via posts right here on the file rather than DMs or Discord so that others can read answers, explanations, etc., but I’m happy to help wherever you prefer.

I can be found on the Starfield Modding discord to chat or brainstorm.

Lastly, if some parts of Royal Galaxy work, but not others, a mod later in your load order is overwriting the changes. This can be easily fixed by downloading the standalone mod and loading it late. This seems to be happening most frequently with Royal Combat Overhaul. Other mods are probably tweaking weapon values and not mentioning it in their descriptions. Download Royal Combat Overhaul and load it last to fix this.

Author: JaeDL - Starborn Royalty Knights
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