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Cob’s Starship Customs

“Welcome to Cob’s Customs and Occasions! My name’s Cob, owner off this little junk treasure yard!
We use the very best slightly used Stroud-Eklund and Taiyo components to create fully custom luxury shiphabs. With our habs your ship will transform into a luxury villa cruising the stars. A true ‘Home Ship’ for the discerning captain.

Cob’s Custom Habs are available at all good shipyards, including the ones you built yerselfs!
If they don’t stock Cob’s, they ain’t a good shipyard ‘s what I’m saying.

We currently don’t have any occasions available”

This mod adds new habs to the ship builder.
Currently there is only the Stroud style Wing Hab. I intend to add more stuff that I think I need, I have some plans for new all-in-one ships and my own brand of clunker spaceships.

In the ship builder you will find the Winghab listed between the Stroud habs, because it’s in the Stroud visual style.
Look for “Cob’s Basic All-in-One Winghab”. Port and Starboard are available.

It is possible to decorate the habs using the decorator.
However, currently we do not yet understand how cell persistence works on hab cells and how their reset is handled when they are reset by the ship builder.
This means that we don’t know what happens with player placed items in these cells. There’s a reasonable chance we’re going to run into problems with this in the future, problems like the fallout 4 crashes related to scrapped powered objects.
because of this possible danger to saves I have decided to NOT add the decorator to the habs.
If you wish to decorate please use one of the mods that allow you to spawn a decorator, or spawn using console commands.

Console command:
Look at a wall. To spawn a decorator on that wall enter this console command:
placethere 24dc7
SAVE first, in case the decorator appears where you can’t find it

Personally I will be decorating and will run the risk.
My reasoning is that by the time these potential problems pop up I will be ready to ditch my current save anyway.
You decide for yourself if you want to risk it

There will be Jank.
Collision had to be finagled and is going to be janky here and there.
Navmeshes are from the vanilla Stroud 3×1 so npc’s are going to be avoiding empty spaces.
Idlemarkers had to be placed by estimation, be prepared for npc’s not quite leaning right on counters or walls.
Light is hard to work with without a WYIWYG editor and post process work is just straight up impossible, things might suddenly get weirdly bright/dark in spots.
When CK is out I can solve most off these, and at some point someone will reverse engineer how to do collision correctly for starfield.

In short:
Make sure you have Plugins.txt enabler installed.
Make sure you StarfieldCustom.ini contains the following lines:

The downloaded zip contains a data folder.

If you are using a mod that restores the location for mods back to the data folder in the games root, then copy the downloaded data folder to the games root.
If you are not using such a mod Unzip the downloaded zipfile and copy the data folder to %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Starfield

Add the following line to your plugin.txt:

You can also use a mod organizer.
However I do not use them so I can’t help on how to use mod organizers.
Please be aware that vortex currently parses the folder structure the wrong way. It has not been updated for starfield.

All assets are new, nothing vanilla is replaced. As such there should not be any compatibility problems right now.
In the future as more authors start adding things to the ship builder there could be problems. Items have “menu sort order” number.
If two mod authors happen to use the same numbers for their mods there will be a conflict and the last loaded mod wins.
This will probably have to be solved via community agreement.

Making these habs required creating 127 custom 3d models.
It was an absolute shitload of work.
I do NOT give the right to modify, redistribute, re-use, or re-upload any of the assets contained in this mod.

Changed snap nodes to fix door creation.
The game should no longer think the side equipment snap point is a valid place to make a door. Aft doors are now created as expected.
Snapping at that point is now one way though. You can snap items to that point but you cant do the reverse. For now I’ll consider this good enough, I don’t quite get the snapping system yet.

Fixed a snap point on the port winghab

Author: Cobal
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