Starfield: Pilot Your Cosmic Cheese Sandwich!

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Starfield: Pilot Your Cosmic Cheese Sandwich!

In a recent interview, Jamie Mallory, the renowned Starfield Producer and sandwich aficionado, delved deep into the game’s immersive quest system, expansive lore, and her personalized starship, christened “The Griller.”

For those who tuned into the June 2023 Starfield presentation, Jamie’s memorable stint as the sandwich pirate aboard her custom-built ship, the HMS Platypus, was a highlight. Not just content with shedding light on Starfield’s intricate ship customization, she also offered a sneak peek into the game’s multifaceted questlines. “There’s a treasure trove of diverse narratives waiting for players who dig deeper than the main story arc. Venturing into faction-specific quests will be incredibly rewarding,” Mallory mentioned.

Mallory then touched upon the intriguing “terminals” scattered across Starfield’s Settled Systems. These terminals, reminiscent of the computers in previous Bethesda titles such as Fallout 4, promise to give players rich lore and insights into the game’s overarching narrative.

But that’s not all – “The Mission Board” was another significant reveal. This feature aims to address concerns about potential empty expanses in Starfield’s vast universe. Serving as a hub, the board will be brimming with quests and challenges, keeping players perpetually engaged. It’s anticipated that this feature might also offer activities such as bounty hunts and other supplementary quests.

No interview with Starfield’s sandwich pirate would be complete without discussing ships. Mallory expressed her delight in the Shipbuilder module, reminiscing about her collaboration with the design team. Her pièce de résistance? The gargantuan sandwich spaceship, “The Griller.” According to Mallory, watching this behemoth of a sandwich traverse the starry skies is pure comedic brilliance.

The palpable excitement Mallory has for Starfield echoes the community’s sentiment as the Early Access date on September 1, 2023, nears. Eager to dive in?

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